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Sinological seminar "Jagiellonian window to China" 2017

Sinological seminar "Jagiellonian window to China" 2017

In May 2017 - a year after the opening of the Taiwanese Sinological Collection Centre, the Sinological Seminar: Jagiellonian window to China took place. The seminar was focused on literature.

The program included:

1) Lectures’ series: Tang poetry between past and present, between China and the West, Prof. Olga Lomova (Institute of East Asian Studies, Faculty of Arts, Charles University in Prague).

2) Guest lectures by Prof. Tseng Shu-Hsien (National Central Library, Taiwan), Prof. Yim Chi Hung (Chinese University of Hong Kong) and Dr. Cordula Gumbrecht (The Berlin State Library, East Asia Department, China Division).

3) Panels of young sinologists: Students from several European sinological centres present ed the issues of their dissertations (BA, MA, PhD), sharing their passion for Chinese civilisation and the work with the text in philological studies on literature, language, culture and society.

Academic debate within the Sinological Seminar was complemented by accompanying student workshops organised by the Society of Sinologists of the Jagiellonian University on 20th and 21st May.

The seminar was accompanied by an exhibition of books devoted to the old Chinese literature. The exhibition could be viewed in the main hall of the Jagiellonian Library.



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