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Jagiellonian Window to China

Jagiellonian Window to China

On May 17-18, 2018 the Institute of Oriental Studies of the Jagiellonian University is holding the sinology-oriented cross-generation meeting of Central European scholars and students: Jagiellonian Window to China.

The academic event takes place two years after the opening of the Taiwan Resource Centre for Chinese Studies (TRCCS). The seminar, this year focusing on ethnic minorities, will include:

  1. The series of lectures titled: Ethnicity in modern China in the historical and political perspective with a focus on Xinjiang for the sinology students as well as for the wider audience, by Ondrej Klimes, PhD, will be the core of the academic event. The lecture series introduces ethnicity in the context of historical and political identity of modern China, particularly the People´s Republic of China from 1949, taking Xinjiang as a case study. It focuses on the process of Uyghur nation-building, formulation of China’s ethnic policies, political developments in the People's Republic of China and in the Xinjiang Uyghur Autonomous region, the role of ideology, propaganda and political discourse in contemporary China and their relation to the PRC's contemporary cultural diplomacy and international image-building.


  1. Ethnic minorities in China
  2. History of Xinjiang
  3. Contemporary Xinjiang politics
  4. Propaganda and ideology in China
  5. Elite politics of China
  6. China’s cultural diplomacy


  1. The lectures will be accompanied by the panels for BA/MA/PhD students to share their passion for Chinese and present their graduate papers in the fields related to China and Taiwan (literature, language, culture and society), well rooted in the textual sources.